Wednesday, September 30, 2009

wed 09.30.09

wed 09.30.09
vest - gap
tee - f21
jeans - paper, denim & cloth
shoes - target
the long face - a night of laying on the bathroom floor trying not to die

wed 09.30.09
shirt - penguin
jeans - old navy
shoes - palladium

you guys... i need a fall break from what we wear as i transition my wardrobe over. i will try and post old faves. i'll be back soon!


  1. Hello! I've been checking your closet blog and house blog for a bit now. My friend Beth played roller derby with you I think, and she linked me. I love Urban Outfitters too! You inspired me to by some pretty jewelry holders and set them up on my dresser. It is easier to choose in the morning now, for sure.

    I digress. What made me de-lurk was to agree on needing a break to transition clothes. It's hard to get back to picking out a jacket and socks and shoes! I forget what my favorite cool weather combos were.


  2. Hi Cynda,
    Thanks for the comment! Yes, Beth was a newbie at the same time as me and we definitely bonded over that. I was so bummed when we didn't make it onto the same team.

    That's so funny about the jewelry because I was just considering new organization options.

    I'm glad you said hi and I will be back in a week or so!