Tuesday, September 29, 2009

tue 09.29.09

tue 09.29.09
tee - american apparel
skirt - jcp
leggings - target
boots - frye
necklace - yellowgoat

tue 09.29.09
shirt - mossimo
jeans - diesel
shoes - royal elastic

desert island: these boots and that man.


  1. i loooove that skirt! is it a recent purchase? as in, do you think it would still be available? btw, i tried to find those target sandals of yours that i loved, but they were all gone. boooo!

  2. jasmine - i JUST bought this skirt last weekend. It's from JCPenney's and the brand is "Oxford & Regent" - the knit material is super thick and it has an exposed zipper on the back. It was clearanced for about $11. Good luck!