Friday, September 18, 2009

fri 09.18.09

fri 09.18.09
tee - urban
husband jeans - gap
shoes - urban
belt - estate sale
hat - urban

fri 09.18.09
shirt - split
jeans - diesel
shoes - vans

i hope i have time to illustrate this one later today. just to clarify: i do the drawings with an ink pen (sharpie ultra fine point), scan it in, and color it in photoshop.


  1. You are amazing!
    First think I do when I come into work is come here to see what you & Jeremy have worn for the day!! Then I go to your other blog. They always make me smile.

    Random question: I've always wonder how tall are you? ** I have height envy because I'm only 5'3 & 1/4 --the 1/4 is REALLY important! You seem quite tall but I'm not sure. :-)

    Have a great day!

    -Karla from California!!

  2. Karla! Oh my gosh! Thank you for the sweet, kind words!

    I'm am 5'8&3/4" (sometimes I say 5'8", sometimes I say 5'9") - and most of the time I'm wearing heels which makes me between 5'11" and 6'1".

    Also, the angle at which we take the picture (from about waist height) makes us look even taller.

    You have a great day too!

  3. you are the same height as i am...
    but you wear your clothes SO much better than i do..
    i have learned A LOT from you my friend!!
    i look forward to checking in each morning makes my day complete!
    tracy also from sunny california~~~~ x

  4. Thanks Kathleen!!
    You are one of the lucky ones. Be sure to thank your parents for your good genes!!! ;)
    The taller you are, the better clothes looks on you in my opinion (But that is probably b/c I want to be at least 3" taller). I would love to wear wide, dressy pants like you do, but I think I'm too short for them. Nonetheless, I have definitely acquired a sense of style from you!!

    Have a fantastic day!


  5. Tracy - Too sweet! I definitely make some mistakes here and there - I think it just comes with taking a few risks. Sometimes they pay off, and sometimes I just look like a dork.

  6. Karla - Haha! I'll call my mom right now. ;)

    But honestly, I think if you can get your proportions down you can make "tall" clothes fit to your body. I mean, Kate Moss is only 5'6" - and most celebrities are 5'2" and they seem to pull things off. Perhaps all it takes is a good tailor.

  7. Kathleen-Haha! Your mom is going to LOVE the phone call :)

    Celebrities make everything look so pretty-- are you sure you're not a celebrity?? I can see you and Jeremy walking the red carpet!! I'm not being too nice; I honestly mean it-- you have this awesome vibe to you--even in writing (Cause that's how I sort of know you).

    A good tailor seems to be the key. I need to find me a good one with resonable prices, or I need to brush on my sewing. :)

    Thanks again, Kathleen.
    I promise I won't bother you anymore for the day!


  8. Karla - you're making me blush! Too kind!