Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day 2010 - Meet the Shannons

wed 03.17.10
cardi - target
tee - urban outfitters
cami - jcp
jeans - purchased in mexico
shoes - eastland
kitty - mister boots

wed 03.17.10
plaid - jcp (kathleen's)
jeans - diesel
shoes - ben sherman

the main reason i took jeremy's last name is because i adore him to pieces and liked how it made us real-deal - but also because it made me sound very irish.


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I've got some Irish in me so I like to celebrate, though it is a bummer that I can't have green beer. :(

    Yes, Shannon sounds very Irish! I am jealous!

  2. my husband's last name is irish as well which is why i didn't take it. i wish he would dress like a leprechaun. why?? because a 6'10" leprechaun would be goddamn hilarious!!

  3. Your husband is 6'10"!?!?! Does he play basketball? How tall are you? Do you hate the Irish? ;)

  4. So adorable! Happy St. Patrick's Day! (I look and am Irish but my last name is Italian, sometimes people think it's Spanish or Puerto Rican.. people are always confused. Lucky you on the last name!)

  5. My maiden name is Shannon! I married my wonderful husband a year and a half ago and proudly took his name, West. Simple, but when we have kids someday, easy to spell! I do miss my Irish last name though! My sister took a trip to Irleand on her honeymoon four years ago and met some of our relatives in County Clare Ireland...I hope to go there some day. Does your husband know his ancestry?

  6. yes, he really is that tall. there is a picture of us on my blog that i never update. my shoes bring me to almost 6' tall in that picture and i still look short.
    our home purchase weighed heavily on the fact that he was able to stand straight on all three floors. we absolutely wanted an old home and old homes around here typically have basements that are even low for a 5'8" me.
    i rambled. the irish are excellent!! i kept my last name because my family made it up when they emigrated from russia.