Friday, March 12, 2010

fri 03.12.10

fri 03.12.10
sweater - banana republic
tank - target
jeans - 575
shoes - eastland

fri 03.12.10
western pearl snap - ely
jeans - gap
shoes - ben sherman

jeremy brushes his teeth like a movie star. the toothpaste and brush are contained to the inside of his mouth and he can do other stuff at the same time - like put away clothes. when i brush my teeth i have to hover over the sink because toothpaste is flying out of my mouth like a rabid dog and i'm lucky if it doesn't end up all over my face.


  1. Love this look! You look casual and comfortable but with style.

    And I have to hover over the sink too. There is nothing more frustrating then trying to get ready for work and end up having to change because the toothpaste got on your shirt.

  2. Amanda - Haha! I know - it usually ends up all over my face. Like my toothbrush will slip and I'll end up smearing toothpaste all over my cheek.

    Taylor - Aw, shucks - thanks!