Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wed 05.06.09

wed 05.06.09
jacket - ross
top - f21
jeans - rich & skinny
shoes - seychelles

wed 05.06.09
coat - ben sherman
vest - uo
shirt - ross
tie - penguin
jeans - target
shoes - royal elastics

trying to make my own sunshine.


  1. I know I said this last night, but I was out of my mind, and it begs to be said again-

    I love the grey-black-grey action happening on Jeremy. And the Bill Compton jacket.


  2. Great hair-do, Kathleen! You manage to keep all these clothes in the pictured closet? I am in need of your skills! Cheers, Jule

  3. Thanks, Julie! Yup, I keep all those clothes in the closet pictured. I try and mix and match to create new outfits but also have some old favorites and basics that I adore.