Monday, May 18, 2009

mon 05.18.09

mon 05.18.09
cardigan - target
striped tank - f21
skirt - ben sherman
shoes - payless

mon 05.18.09
jacket - hh_hhh
shirt - volcom
jeans - gap
shoes - palladium

what a fantastic weekend we had. monday mornings are such a bummer.


  1. i think this is an awesome idea! we also have the same haircut but yours looks way cuter!

    i just have to ask about f21-how do your cardigans and tanks wash up? they are all adorable but everything i buy there falls apart. maybe i'm washing wrong??

  2. Thanks, Angela! Psah - that was just a good angle caught at the right moment.

    I do have to say - I try to wash my clothes (in general) as little as possible. I think they hold up better when you line dry. I've definitely started trying to buy quality over quantity - but the prices are just too good for basics like tanks and cardis.

  3. These are great. I can't imagine my boyfriend ever agreeing to anything like this. Also, ours would be really boring (I work from home, so it would be pajamas for me every day and banker clothes for him). Love the peek inside your world!

  4. Thanks K! I really love getting dressed in the morning and after getting a comment on what I was wearing every day for years at work I decided to go ahead and document it. It's really been fun to go back just a few months ago and say "wow that really works" or "what was I thinking!?"