Thursday, August 12, 2010

What Happened?



The truth is, since going freelance, I don't get dressed up as much. I considered posting a daily photo of me in sweats but I have an image to maintain, right?

I've been waiting for this blog to evolve into something and that wait is over. I have started a new series at the main blog called Anatomy of an Outfit. Once or twice a week I will post what I wore and then deconstruct it into it's elements. I'll make sure Jeremy makes an appearance every once in a while too.



  1. Are you trying to make out with me?

  2. I'm kind of sad that you no longer have a job where you have to get dressed. I don't consider myself much of a fashion maven and loved seeing what you put together every day.

  3. Monica - I know. It was really hard to let go. Maybe one day I'll have employees to get dressed for. ;)

    I hope you enjoy Anatomy of an Outfit though! xo!

  4. sweats are great too. i'm sure everyone is jealous that you get to be comfy all day, well most of 'em!!

    i do love the anatomy posts too!

  5. you're so cute. i love the new idea!

  6. look at you sex kitten kathleen.
    I'm really enjoying the contrast between your hair and your roots. It's looking awesome here.