Tuesday, April 6, 2010

mon 04.05.10

mon 04.05.10
vest - gap
tee - bombs away
skirt - rodarte for target
shoes - eastland

mon 04.05.10


  1. Alright, I just have two things to say:
    1) It took me two and a hlaf minutes to be completely in love with the two of you, your cats, your house, and your blogs. You have a new groupie :)
    2) I found this yellow skirt at a Goodwill a few weeks ago and gave it to my exchange student, who didn't know how to wear it until I happened to stumble across the picture of you wearing it with a cupcake T-shirt on someone else's blog. She wore it to a party that night and had so many compliments that she gushed and smiled ear to ear all weekend. Thank for that :)

    love, rudi

  2. Rudi - This is the best comment ever. You just made my day. Thank YOU for that. :)