Thursday, October 15, 2009

thur 10.15.09

thur 10.15.09

thur 10.15.09
vest - cmm
top - target
jeans - bdg
boots - frye
necklace (top) - perfect match by yellowgoat
necklace (middle) - estate sale find
necklace (lower) - grandma

thur 10.15.09
jacket - le tigre
shirt - element
jeans - old navy
shoes - ben sherman
booty - scooty boots

the butt picking is an optical illusion - still hilarious.


  1. Also... Does it kind of just look like my head and boots are on backwards to anyone else?

  2. Love this outifit! You know exactly how to mix feminine and bold.

  3. bahaha... it took me a minute to catch the 'butt picking'... when I finally realized what you were referring to I laughed-out loud in the office :)