Thursday, August 27, 2009

thur 08.27.09

thur 08.27.09
sweater - banana republic
slip - urban outfitters
jeans - bdg (uo)
shoes - target
running - late

where's jeremy? jeremy is taking my picture in his american apparel undies and bed head and refused to let me post his picture to the blog wearing just that. what happened was at 6:45, when the first alarm went off jeremy whispered "don't you have a work breakfast to go to?" which led to me leaping out of bed cursing and bumping into three walls as i ran to the bathroom to put my face on and brush my teeth. because of course i forgot i had a work breakfast to go to. i got ready in 15 minutes with just enough time for jeremy to snap my pic but not quite enough for him to throw his clothes on for his own. he'll be back tomorrow.

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  1. hahaha! i don't think you ever need more than 15 minutes to get ready for work if this is how cute you end up looking!